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Isabella Mostert

Born and raised in Bloemfontein, Isabella chose a career in the performing arts. A career path which has allowed for a rich, multi-faceted working life. And throughout, she has maintained and developed her skills at self-expression, through the medium of visual art.

Her carefree childhood years in the Free State provided the necessary environment for those skills to be allowed to germinate and grow.

The school years came to an end at Oranje Hoër Meisieskool with distinctions obtained in both graphic art and speech and drama, respectively. Tertiary education in performing arts followed at the UOFS and PUK. Whilst still a student, she participated in her first fine art exhibition at the Woodley Art Studio in Bloemfontein, with artists, the like of Martin Wessels and Hannetjie de Clercq.

After graduation, the provincial acting companies beckoned. A rewarding period of theatre acting followed at PACOFS in Bloemfontein and CAPAB in Cape Town. She participated in numerous SABCTV shows and is probably best known for her role as ‘Liefie’ in the television series, ‘Arende’. More recently she was seen in the movie Roepman.

Isabella’s fine art has been featured in SA magazines such as, ‘Home / Tuis’ and ‘SA Artist’. Past commissions include work for private clients as well as the ‘Kyknet’ production, ‘Binneland’.

Isabella’s paintings convey the emotional response evoked by her subject matter and her use of colour is key in making those feelings known. It is the delicate and usually concealed intricacy of life at molecular level, which frequently captures her interest and serves as subject matter. Generous washes of transparent colour, either layered or stripped down, create the delicate shapes which form compositions of mysterious allure.

These are landscapes of the dream world and the viewer is invited to enter and linger, giving their imagination free rein…

In order to allow the viewer freedom of interpretation, Isabella prefers to code her work, rather than supply the traditional titles.