Between Dreams & Reality / Fluid Flexible & Fantastically Minimal / Creating Moods of Etheral Movement

Portfolio of Work

Isabella’s creations fall into these three major categories, the fourth category is her commissioned work


Isabella has had extensive articles written about her art and her exhibitions. Her work with paint expresses intrigue and suggesting the undercurrents of explosive colour, visual expansion and extreme cognitive process, it glances, swings and dives, a tangling of energy then extending cool relief flooding across sheets of canvas. Lines and color become wrapped and defined in intricate art work. Isabella is an artist of our time and her work will live into the future. 

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Excerpt:  ” Isabella does not always title her work because he does not wish to force viewers to see only what she intended “…read more >>>

Excerpt – “She works in layers  with the stronger colours shining through after the paler colours have been painted over” …. read more  >>>

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Isabella is available  for sessions  discussions art work and commissions at her discretion

Please fill in form with all information and compose a detailed message to explain your requirements – Thank You Isabella

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